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Sword Pointe Studios

Director - Kaitlyn Fox
Ms. Fox's directing career had first begun in the field of choreography, when she got her first pair of pointe shoes in 2011. Since then, she has hardly been able to stand a week without dancing. Among her other hobbies close to heart, Fox enjoys playing soccer when she isn't dancing around in her tippy-toes.

Mostly an indie film director, Love Potion Number Pi(e) is Fox's first romantic comedy.

Screenwriter - Amy Charz
Ms. Charz is a quidditch fanatic. She will tell you that herself if you ask her. Actually, she will tell you that even if you don't ask her. Her screenwriting career took off after having written the smashing stage production Beating those Bludgers way, way Back andthe ever-catchy musical That Mean Co-Captain Bully.

Since then, Charz has moved on to films, penning movies such as Doctor What, and her latest, Love Potion Number Pi(e).

Production Manager - Shiloh Adlar
Ms. Adlar is a jack-of-all trades kind of gal who has had quite a number of production credits to her name. Love Potion Number Pi(e) is only one of her undertakings of the year, though clearly not her last. An avid fan of ballet and the dance en pointe, she has also collaborated with Kaitlyn Fox in numerous independent productions.

Adlar can often be quoted as having "read too much" and "talked too little," but it cannot be said that her viewpoint is lacking in any of her films. Some of her best productions include The Sweet Taste of Oolong and Ice Peach Tea, The Cucumber Conundrum, and Polyglots Ahoy!

Stunt Coordinator - Sandra Bloomwicks
First discovered as a stunt double to one of Quentin Tarantino's stunt doubles, Ms. Bloomwicks has since been recognized for her wide range of stunt skills, including free-running, Japanese sword-fighting, and, most importantly, pie-throwing. It is for the latter that she has been asked to work as the stunt coordinator of Love Potion Number Pi(e).

Pie-throwing scenes are no stranger to Bloomwicks, who has also choreographed a few stage productions in collaboration with Amy Charz. She is well known for the Tony award-winning dance number "Pie in Yo Face, Adderholt!" from That Mean Co-Captain Bully.

Set and Costume Designer - Cassandra Lobiesk
Ms. Lobiesk has often considered herself fashion-forward, in that she looks forward to fashion. Often behind the marketing scheme of things, she has been responsible for keeping the clothes seamed and the settings glued together. She is a fan of the scenery and outlandish costumes and makeup of fantasy films, which is probably whyshe jumped headfirst after being asked to work on Love Potion Number Pi(e).

Lobiesk's fashionable taste can be seen in films such as Floating City Chronicles, Too Much Steampunk, and I Love Faeries.

Cast and Crew and Logistics

Filming of Love Potion Number Pi(e) at Black Forest, Germany.

Actors and Actresses:
HENRY CAVILL (Prince Armel)
Mr. Cavill has risen to action fame by playing iconic characters, most recently that of the superhero, Superman, in Zack Snyder's reboot ofMan of Steel. Owing to his Spartan-like (or, shall we say, superhero-like) training, Cavill has been thrown into magazine covers in order to make the women salivate and the men clamor to work out in order to possess his sculpted abs.

He has since been casted for a second time as Kal-El in an upcoming superhero movie which would also pit Superman with Batman. His other film credits include The Immortals, Stardust, and Tristan & Isolde. He is mostly known for his role as Charles Brandon in The Tudors.

NATALIE PORTMAN (Lovia the Sorceress)
Ms. Portman gained her fame by playing a double in George Lucas' Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace. She had since landed the role of Queen/Senator Amidala in the later Star Wars installations, and her rise in popularity continued from there. Portman has also gained an Academy Award for her winning performance as Nina Sayers inthe dark film, The Black Swan.

Throughout her filming career, she has since been casted in various roles spanning from romance to action to historical to independent films. Some of her appearances include The Other Boleyn Girl, Closer, No Strings Attached, Thor, and V for Vendetta.

EMILIE DE RAVIN (Siofra the Forest Sprite)
Most well-known as Claire Littleton in the hit TV series LOST, Ms. Ravin is no stranger to the television realm. Previous to her stint as Claire, she has also been cast in Roswell and BeastMaster, both times as a major character. Ravin has since landed a few roles in both film and television, though she appears to be more comfortable with the television world.

Her newest stint is the role of Belle/Lacey in the ABC hit Once Upon a Time. Other film credits include Love and Other TroublesHigh Noon, The Perfect Game, and Operation: Endgame.

MERYL STREEP (Rudo the Faery)
What is there to say about Meryl Streep except she's Meryl Streep? The woman is an institution all to her own and needs no introductions. But for those living under a rock, Ms. Streep is an Academy Award-winning, Golden Globe-winning, and altogether award-winning actress respected for her prolific film career. She plays many characters to a tee, whether a Prime Minister, a devil of an editor-in-chief, a singing destitute woman from the Greek isles, or a woman fresh from a Nazi concentration camp, this woman knows no bounds.

Known for the amount of times she has been nominated for an Oscar, Streep's acting career is still going strong. Her more recent roles include The Devil Wears Prada, The Iron Lady, Julie and Julia, Doubt, and Mamma Mia!

ARTHUR DARVILL (Piemaker Amiens)
Believe it or not, Mr. Darvill had been a part of English television even before his more famous role of Rory Williams in Doctor Who. His other television stints include Little DorritBroadchurch, and The White Queen. While also a Doctor Who spin-off mini-series, he also starred in Pond Life as Rory Williams.

Williams has since branched to other works, including the role of an Irish musician in the Broadway musical Once.

Music for Love Potion Number Pi(e) to be composed by Hans Zimmer.

Estimated budget for Love Potion Number Pi(e) is approximately 90 million USD (12 million galleons)

Production Company employed for Love Potion Number Pi(e) is Warner Bros.


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