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Bridge Rivers

Plot Outline

Presenting a fantasy film....

Ariel Holbrook just moved to a new town with her father. It is unknown to her and her father that they had in fact decided to live in a mystical town. Her father wanted to settle down in a quiet area to write his newest book and Riverdale seemed like the perfect spot.

With her father so busy, Ariel decides to enroll in a boarding school. When filling out the paperwork for the local Alessandra Charming Academy there is a spot labeled "Creature." Ariel fills in "Mermaid" since she has been obsessed with those lately, but she didn't know what it meant.

Set and Costumes


Riverdale is mystical town that the Holbrooks have recently decided to settle in. There is a mermaid statue at the center of town because of a local legend.

Alessandra Charming Academy is a boarding school located on the north border of Riverdale. It was established in 1692 by the witch and current Headmistress Alessandra Charming. It is a school for girls aged 14-18.


Ariel Holbrook is a mortal girl who inadvertently enrolls in an all-girl boarding school for magical beings.

Jaclyn (Jaci) Hunter is a werewolf who has difficulty transforming due to some fox in her blood, which also gives Jaci her brilliant red hair.

Jaci in her werewolf form

In addition to their casual clothing, the girls at Alessandra Charming Academy have a school uniform

Marketing Strategy

We plan to have advertisements for our movie to appear in newspapers, such as The Daily Prophet. Since Bridge Rivers is a family-friendly film, we would like to utilize the Floo Network to show short teasers of the movie in the fireplaces of wizarding homes, especially in the evenings. Finally, we plan to contact different merchants to see if they could include posters of our movie (see below) in their products. For instance, in wizard crackers for the holidays or sweets like Chocolate Frogs.

Sample Script

(The two girls had just gone to bed, having ran into Rosalyn, a vampire, earlier, who was pointing out how Ariel had yet to show off any mermaid traits, threatening to get her kicked out of the school.)

Ariel tossed and turned in her bed, though her mind seemed to be miles and miles away from her. Well, not miles she supposed. The woods matched what was around Charming Academy, down to the river she now found herself backed up against. Rosalyn was laughing, stalking up to her. "Aww, what's wrong? Why aren't you jumping into the river to swim away from me? Just jump in and swim away, little mermaid."

With that final jump in, Ariel found herself suddenly pushed in, and despite being a good swimmer, she couldn't move, mouth opening only to take in more water, and the river seemed to get deeper and deeper. And two hands grabbed her shoulders, pushing her down further, yelling her name.

"Ariel, Ariel, ARIEL!"

Her eyes flew open then, and she looked over to Jaci, her face wet. Lifting a hand to her cheek, she felt why. But when had she started crying? And where was the river? "What's wrong, girl? You were babbling about how you couldn't swim and drowning..."

"I can't." The words were a small whisper, barely heard over Ariel's heart. Jaci's sigh filled the room instead. "Oh thank God. I thought I was the only one with problems. So you're a mermaid who can't swim? No wonder you avoid showing off! It's like me with my shifting!"

"No, I mean...I'm not a mermaid. I'm not anything." Jaci was still talking, but Ariel didn't hear them, too busy wiping her face, and trying to avoid the thought of being kicked out of the school. "You're...a human? Just a human?" Somehow, that question broke through the cloud of doom now surrounding Ariel, and she nodded. "I'm a good swimmer actually, but I'm not a mermaid. Charming Academy was the only school willing to accept me. I'm kind of a horrible student."

She didn't look, so she only felt the bed dip as Jaci sat down beside her. "And I'm a horrible werewolf. Something always gone wrong. Usually it's the hair. I'll shift into a wolf and the red hair is still just hanging out. It's why I didn't want to show off to you either. I didn't want you to laugh."

Ariel shook her head. "I wouldn't laugh." She leaned her head instead on Jaci's shoulders. "What am I going to do if the school finds out? I can't get kicked out again." Jaci bit her lip. "I don't know yet, but if they try to kick you out for not being a mermaid, then they'll have to kick me out for being a bad werewolf. We're in this together, now. After all, aren't we roommates?"

Ariel lifted her head, shaking it. "No, I think we're actually friends."

"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you've a ready mind. Where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind."