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Red Moon

Password: Ravenwood

Password: Ravenwood

Plot Outline

The crew of a broken down freighter class starship crash land on an unknown planet.

They have no way to get themselves home, a tracking beacon has been automatically set off so that they can be found.

The planet is largely in shades of blue, purple an pink, owing to the unusually large Red Giant that it orbits. 

There are unknown dangers that lurk in the forest, caves and canyons of the planet that they, with their technology and serious lack of survival skills, must survive until the rescue ship reaches them.

The most dangerous time on the planet is during a red moon, this period lasts 8 Earth days. (This is a full night, no sunlight at all. A ‘Day’ on the planet lasts the same amount of time)

They have just settled into a routine when things start to go wrong on the first night of the red moon.
Who will they survive until the rescue ship reaches them?

Set and Costumes














Marketing Strategy

Target Audience:
Unviersity students
Young professionals
Sci-fi lovers

We would begin with a movie trailer that we will distribute to cinemas around the globe. At the same time we will create a website with different teaser trailers, actor interviews, online games related to the movie and discussion boards. Near the release date we will give a series of exclusive interviews to newspapers and magazines (especially magazines read by teenagers and students). Couple of weeks before the release we will place large glass domes on university campuses around the country. From the inside the domes will look like the planet from the film and the dome will glow red during night times. Students and others will be allowed to step inside and have their photo taken. We will also pass out rubber bracelets with movie title around high schools. To target young professionals we will make a deal with Starbucks to have movie logo placed on coffee cups for a month before the release, we will also negotiate a special edition coffee called „Red Moon“. If our marketing strategy fails and we see that we're not making enough money we will spread the rumour that one of the students got a nasty unknown bug from one of the glass domes, getting on the newspaper front page will surely boost our earnings. As everyone knows there is no such thing as bad publicity! 

Sample Script

Heather and Elliot are sitting by the sea, next to what has remained from their spaceship. Everything is very quiet. Elliot closes his eyes and breathes slowly; Heather just sits there looking at the sea.

[Heather]: They are going to come for us, right?

Elliot doesn’t answer.

[Heather]: They will. I just…Don’t understand what happened. Why did everyone die? How? Why are we the only ones still alive?

[Elliot](keeping his eyes shut) : Do you want to stay alive?

[Heather](Shocked ): Of course I do.

[Elliot]: Then you might want to stop talking.

Heather opens her mouth and closes it again.

[Elliot] (Opens his eyes and looks at her): There’s something in the air. It’s the only thing that explains it. There have been no attacks, no monsters. And whatever it is it’s already in our systems. Hansen died first. Do you remember how?

[Heather]: Heart-attack?

-Small flashback. We see Hansen right after the crush. He is panicking, crying, gasping for air.-

Voiceover {Elliot}: It seemed rather natural at the time. Serena said it was because of his weight. But then there’s also Christina. It doesn’t seem weird to you that an athletic twenty-year old woman would die of heart and liver failure? Flashback changes. We see Christina running around in the jungle, hunting. We see her yelling at others for not trying to find resources. After Serena examined her she said she had the organism of an old woman and the lungs of a smoker. (Elliot coughs) Have you noticed how it becomes much more difficult to breath during the night?

[Heather]: Because of that damn dust…

[Elliot]: Exactly. And I bet you that if Serena had been careful she would find tons of that dust in Christina’s lungs.

They stop talking for a moment and look at the Red Moon that appears in the horizon.

[Heather] (Whispering, her voice breaks) : The oxygen-masks?

[Elliot]: Already checked. They are all broken. And even if they weren’t, this thing is already in our systems. By now you are probably ‘round 90. And that is if only because you remained calm and all those days. I’m much worse. Partly because I get angry a lot, partly because I was forced to explain to you the reason we’re doomed.

Heather says nothing. She sits very still looking at the moon trying to stop herself from crying. The moon itself is brighter than any other time we only see one star in the sky.

Elliot starts coughing very badly.

[Heather]: Stop it!

[Elliot](His voice barely audible): Oh excuse my dying your majesty but-.

[Heather]: Shh. She jumps on her feet. Can’t you hear it?

A buzzing noise comes from the spaceship. Heather looks up at that one visible star and then starts running towards the spaceship.

[Elliot]: (whispering) Idiot! Stop running.

Heather reaches the spaceship and digs her way through the broken equipment. She moves slowly, her pain is visible on her face. After some minutes she finds the radio. Behind all the buzzing there’s a human voice.

{Radio}: Is………….alive? …Repeat …. anyone alive?

[Heather]: Heather Grosvenor here. Elliot Cooper and I are… She fights for her breath and almost collapses. She lets the radio fall from her hand. The camera stays on the fallen radio; we only hear Heather gasping for air as the image becomes darker and darker.

{Radio}: …… to Heather Grosvenor. Respond….. Do ……hear us?

End of Scene

"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you've a ready mind. Where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind."