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Red Moon

With their Sci-Fi production entitled "The Red Moon" in the works and off to a great start, the critics (judges) had the following comments:

"I really appreciate all of the attention to details you had regarding characters, costuming, and setting. You've got a really nice, wide and diverse cast, which is always good; I'm sure there'll be a lot of interesting character interaction. You've got a well-thought-out plot; can't wait to see more of how things work out!

"The only reason I didn't give the full 300 was because you had a couple of broken links; otherwise, this was a movie I would actually like to see! Well thought out, interesting plot, great cast of characters, and I love all the attention you gave to the 'little' details like the gun, boots, etc. Fantastic work!!!

" I really like the hand drawn costumes! I would have liked to see some color on them and maybe some more detail. There were broken links that made me sad, so I took a little bit there. I'm not quite convinced on the plot line just yet. I guess I'm not convinced on the conflict of the plot. You're description didn't leave me with much to believe that during that time they were in real danger. For me you didn't make the plot twist sound big enough for me to become entice. It also comes off as a Star Trek type thing to me so I'm a bit hesitant to see what comes of it."

"An interesting storyline with a great set of characters. The hand-drawn costumes are impressive and while there is some variety (which is definitely a plus), they do fit in quite well together. The extras add a nice touch as well. There is definitely room for some interesting scenes with the different sets."


Task 3:

"Excellent incorporation of other scenes in the form of flashbacks, as it helps add to the tension in this particular scene. It was very intriguing and I found myself curious to find out what happened next. "

"I like the way you set your writing up, a bit like a screenplay, with all of the extra directions apart from the dialogue; it really helped bring the scene to life. You grabbed my interest from the start, and at the end, I was left really wanting to know what happens to Heather and Elliot."

"AND THEY ALL DIE! I can hope can't I? (That is not a personal attack) I very much liked this scene. I must say the flashbacks of the deaths kind of reminded me of like Hunger Games-ish event, which really drove it home for me. I must say, I love the visions you portrayed with the stage directions. What the camera sees and what it doesn't is a great way to capture an audience's attention and get their minds reeling. Great job on that!"

"You really intrigued me with this scene and left me wanting more! The ingenious use of flashbacks was very clever."


Task 4:

"There's so much going on with this submission, well over what we asked for, and that's fantastic. The trailer was good to watch, the interview was fun to read (and I loved seeing some of the answers play off of each other!), and the Chris Hemsworth interview was a wonderfully creative idea!"

"Great marketing strategy and the interview was an interesting read! "

"I don't think the word "legit" covers how awesome that trailer and interview was. I was blown away by how awesome that was. I especially love the fact that you took his words out of context and made them fit your purpose. I enjoyed your submission very much!"

"Very interesting read and well thought out marketing strategy. Nice job!"

Bridge Rivers

Their fantasy film, set at a boarding school in the mythical town of Riverdale is sure to be a summer blockbuster! The critics were certainly all abuzz about it:

" I love the setting and basis for your movie, as well as the ideas and art for the characters. I especially like the thought that went into the names; Ariel is perfect! I just wish we were given a slight bit more of an idea of what will happen during the movie; I'm not sure yet what to expect."

"I think a little more effort could have been paid to set design, but you do get props for your attention in costume design for thinking to include both casual and school uniforms. The addition of the werewolf form was also a nice touch."

" I think if you're target audience is pre-teen girls, you hit your mark. I'm not quite sure this would be something that young boys, older teens, adults would go see. I would have loved to see what this school looked like. I did enjoy your costume designs very much and the difference between the casual, creature form and uniform was a great touch! One thing that kind of confused me was the fact that the main character was going to go to a boarding school located in the same town she lives in. If there's some sort of backstory to drive her to got there, I would definitely include that."

"I loved the drawings and that more than one costume/form each was included. The storyline sounds rather interesting, and I look forward to seeing how it develops. Good choice of sets."


Task 3:

"A well-written scene.The scene itself and the message it carries definitely fits in with the 'coming of age' theme. Great poster as well!"

"Aww, Jaci seems like such a nice friend. It's a nicely written scene, and though we lack context (by nature of the task), I can see it potentially being a turning point in the story. I like the poster too! I'm sure there would be plenty of fans wanting to hang it someplace special."

"I really like this scene! I'm so glad you chose to do this one because it is such a pivotal moment it seems in your movie. It was very well written. I will agree with my cohorts, a little more background information might have been needed to get the full grasp of it, but otherwise, great job!"

"Your poster rocked! The scene was very well written and a very nice turning point in the story. Kudos on a job well done."


Task 4:

"The movie posters are great, and so many of the creative touches (the different flaws each girl has in story, to the ties to the wizarding world used in the marketing strategy) really help your submissions stand out."

"I really liked the idea of linking the marketing strategy to the wizarding world, and the interview had some great answers!"

"I like the strategy you're going with, but there just wasn't anything that just jumped out at me and screamed 'YOU BETTER GO SEE THIS OR YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED IN YOURSELF' "

"Using the wizarding world as a tool in market strategy was bloody brilliant! Very clever indeed."

Love Potion Number Pi(e)

Their Fantasy Rom/Com, " Love Potion Number Pi(e)" looks to be a hit in the making! The critics are already quite excited to see how this one pans out:

"Just have to say, I had every team's submission open in tabs, and I kept clicking over onto yours accidentally. Every time I was greeted by the staring piemaker, so... awesome picture choice. << But, anyway. While I would have liked to have seen the characters a little more fleshed out (and a second set), your ideas are fantastically funny, so I'd say you're pulling off Fantasy RomCom quite well!"

" Super cute plot and I loved your storyboard! I was a bit disappointed with your set; and the costumes, while lovely, could have maybe been a bit more distinct between each character."

"I like this idea, but I think I could have used a bit more details. I would have loved to see a character description section or something. I liked the storyboard. It helped connect all your ideas and I appreciate that. Something else you might consider adding would be another set design. I doubt the whole movie takes place in just that one spot, I would have liked to see another place where part of this place would take place. I like the concept you have. It seems like you could include a lot of comedy in this movie which is a plus in my book. One thing that I can't seem to shake is it almost seems more like a ballet with a random pie maker in it. "

"The storyline is rather entertaining. The names for the range of characters are well-chosen and there's a great assortment of costumes, which fit in with the genre. The set looks great, although a second one would have been nice. The storyboard is a great addition."


Task 3:

"I loved the humour! While elaborating on a specific scene would have been nice, I really liked that you picked out scenes that sum up the film quite well."

"I also would have liked to have seen more focus on a specific scene, but all the same, it was certainly a fun comic strip. I giggled at "I flex my muscles for none but you, my love" probably quite a bit more than I should have. xD"

"...I don't know what to say. I laughed quite a bit at this submission. I love the humor used in the movie and it flows nicely with the overall concept of your movie."

"I should seriously penalize you for making me spew my drink all over the danged monitor! That was hilarious. Well done!"


Task 4:

"It was nice to see everything pulled together on your website, and there was so much creativity in each of the individual components, I loved reading/looking/listening through things. I really want to see this movie now!"

"The website is a fantastic way to put everything together. The cast and crew bios were a great addition! I loved the variety of movie posters and magazine covers as well."

"I can only echo what my fellow judges have already said. Fantastic! I loved how it was put in a site design, and what made it better was the fact that everything on there was super interesting! I love the crew bio's especially, they were rather amusing"

"There are not enough good things to say about your entry. If I could give you more points I would-seriously. You rocked this one out."

"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you've a ready mind. Where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind."